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Toot a horn, Bang a drum ,Blow kazoo! Lana's Cool School makes party for you!

Music Making Birthday Parties! Would you like to have a birthday party for your child where everyone gets to sing, dance and play? Especially great for parties with mixed ages! We come right to you for a fun, musical celebration of life and joy. It’s a wonderful way to pull the party together by combining singing, dancing, instrument play and a rousing “Happy Birthday” finale. Your child and his or her friends will play, laugh and sing and help honor this special day in a very special way. We recommend a 30 to 45-minute music program that begins 30 minutes after your official party start time. W e will tailor the musical program to fit your child’s age group as well as include your child's  favorite songs or chants. We will bring the instrument sets, music, and a special gift for the birthday child too! 

Attendance and Recommended Ages

We recommend having no more than 10 children in attendance at the party. We can accommodate for

extra children, at $5 per child, with a maximum of 15 children. A Lana’s Cool School Birthday Party is best suited for children between the ages of 18 months and 5 years old.

Adult Participation

We will invite EVERYONE to get involved, no matter WHAT your age!!

• For children and guests ages 18 months to 3, there must be one actively participating adult with each child.

• For children over the age of 3, adult participation is encouraged, but optional. We do ask that at least one adult be present and available for every 5 children in attendance.

Party Location

We come to you!! You find the place to hold the party—at a community center, clubhouse, your church—anywhere suitable to accommodate a group of children having FUN! We'll bring the instruments, props, alive music , and the entertainment. If you are planning on using an area in your home, please move the 

furniture around to help create a large open space and remove all toys from that area. We'll bring all necessary items for the activities.

The most successful Lana’s Cool School Parties are held indoors in a large room with open floor space and as few distractions (such as food, toys, and other activities) as possible. NOTE: The space must be large enough for all in attendance to sit and stand in a circle as well as to move around freely.


Parties are scheduled on DEMAND! Just let us know when you'd like us to be there. Parties begin and end promptly as scheduled. We need at least 2 weeks notice to make sure the party fits on our calendar.

For more information please call (919)763-6097!!! 

Music lessons  for preschool and childcare centers 

Lana's Cool School music lessons  provide every child with the opportunity to experience the joys and benefits from not just passively listening to music, but actively making music. 

Live music making in your entire school! 

We will provide music education classes for All of your classrooms.

*Instruments are brought into each classroom so that all children may participate in guided music making activities.

*Students and classroom teachers are introduced to a new concept every week and encouraged to review it each day.

*Weekly tips and ideas on incorporating early childhood music education in the classroom for your teachers. 

*Monthly newsletter for distribution to parents.

Why choose Lana' s Cool School as an enrichment activity  for your center? Providing Lana's Cool School Music classes  demonstrates to parents your school's commitment to the  importance of quality music education in a young child's life.

Lana's Cool School  provide  music education classes for infants to children age five in childcare facilities .Reap the benefits of that experience in the classroom ! It's resulted in a method that will leave you amazed by the children's knowledge of music after completion of the program.

Add Lana's Cool School to the offerings at your facility.

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