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Improve academic skills through one-on-one tutoring

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In-Home & Online Tutoring lessons

Lana's Cool School offers the most affordable in-home & online tutoring for students of pre-k- kindergarten ages. We provide tutoring in Math , language arts, reading , writing, etc.  

The Study Skills  Assessment

Do You have a little one who will be starting kindergarten soon? Are you worried about their kindergarten readiness?  Wonder where they stand on their basic skills?The Academic Skills Assessment  is designed to identify your child's academic strengths and weaknesses. Completing the assessment is the first step in putting your child on the path to academic success as you help your child become a better student. Call for an Academic Skills  Assessment of your child today!

Tutoring Lessons for Pre-K and Kindergarten  students

Identify Your Child's Strengths & Areas For Improvement in Math and Reading ! Get your child ready for elementary school !

One-on-one sessions with a private tutor will help young learners to build a strong academic foundation and gain confidence in their abilities . 

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